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Hi Testudo. - love your site - thanks so much. We are in GC now staying at Compass Pount. My sister divs bout rest snorkels. I have 8 yr old Boy who is just getting into this and a 5 yr old girl that will put her mask on and snorkel but not a great swimmer yet. Do you have any recommendations for easy access, low current/chop that would be good for 8yr old? We have a car and can get anywhere. Tom Scanlon - April 2, 2013.

Hey Tom,

Nearby suggestion would be just up the road off the Morritt’s and Reef Resorts beach.  The water is fairly shallow and usually only a slight current going from the Morrit’s pier towards the Reef Resort.  Plenty of fish under the dock and you can see almost anything on the route.

Another option is over at Rum Point.  The small cove to the right when facing the pier is usually very calm.  There are some boulders in the shallows that house a surprising number of fish species.  The soft corals and sea fans a bit further out are also good testing grounds for newbies, especially if the water is calm.  Rays can be see in the sandy areas and Barry the Barracuda is usually under the pier.

Here is some info on the Rum Point area I am referring to:

Rum Point Shallow Snorkel

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